Directions to the Claremont Forum

586 West First Street in Claremont

The Claremont Forum is located in the newly remodeled Claremont packing house surrounded by small retail businesses of all kinds selling food, art supplies, clothes, etc. The packing house is itself surrounded by new parking areas, small retail businesses, and a movie theater. Take the 10 freeway to the Indian Hill off ramp and turn north towards the mountains for about a mile. Turn left on First Street just past the train tracks. Go past Oberlin Ave. and park on First Street just before Cornell Ave. or turn left at Cornell and park underground in the parking structure. Enter the packing house hallway next to The International Glass and Bead Company on the south side of First Street. The Claremont Forum is just beyond The International Glass and Bead Company on your right. Or if you parked underground, you can take the elevator or stairs to the first floor, go past the mail boxes, turn right and go to the west end of the building to the Forum.

To see a map of the area click on the map icon:

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